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All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation Constitution

Article I


The name of the Federation shall be the "All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation" the abbreviation of which shall be AETF (hereinafter referred to as The "Federation").

Article II

The Federation is formed:
  1. To promote the Korean National Art of self defence, known as Taekwon-Do (TKD), in the Continent of Europe.
  2. To promote and encourage the physical, moral and cultural education of members of affiliated National Associations in the Continent of Europe thereby creating respect and goodwill with a view to the building of a better and more peacefull world.
  3. To promote and enhance the development of TKD by following the rules of the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) in the Continent of Europe.

Article III


  1. Membership shall be open to only one association by country in the Continent of Europe who are affiliated to the ITF.
  2. Application for membership of the Federation shall be submitted to the Federation Headquarters.

Article IV


  1. There shall be a bi-annual congress meeting for all member associations. Each member association shall be entitled to send two delegates to the congress meeting. One of these delegates should have been nominated to be an Ordinary Officer of the Federation by the member association. At every bi-annual congress the ordinary officers who have been nominated by the member associations must present verification of their nomination in letter signe by an auto-rised person, other than themselves, of the member association.
  2. The election of executives shall be affected each 4 years, in olimpic years, renewing only half of them, and extending for 2 years more the other half. That is, a six years re-election is possible at the end of each period.
  3. Notice of a congress of the Federaion .shall contain a agenda for the meeting and the President in his own discretion shall decide the sufficiency of the notice to be given both as to the contents and the time of service thereof.
  4. The ETF Assembly shall meet when Notice of meeting is issued, attending at least, half plus one of its associates. In the second Notice of Meeting the meeting will be held whatever the numer of members are present.
  5. The decision of the congress shall be made by a majority vote of the ordinary officers present, provided that, in the event, of an even division of votes on a show of hands, the president shall have a casting vote. If three countries ask for secret ballot, vote will be secret.
  6. The president may conduct, a postal vote to be notified as such in the notice thereof, and providing that a majority of the ordinary officers vote in favour of the resolution, the president, may treat such postal vote as a resolution of a congress duly convened and held.
  7. The president may fill casual vacancies in the number of ordinary officers from time to time.

Article V


  1. The Federation shall have a President, one president honorific, and three Vice President. They shall hold office following a majority vote in their favour by the ordinary officers. The term of office shall be for two years following which they shall be eligible for re-election.
  2. The Federation shall have a secretary/treasurer who shall be appointed by the president. The secretary/treasurer shall have no vote at congress meeting unless also filling a position as an ordinary officer.

Article VI


  1. The duties of the congress are:
    1. To approve the membership of National Associations.
    2. To arrrange federation championships at minimum 2 years hosted by one of the number associations.
    3. To manage the finances of the federation and to place before the officer of the federation a report on those finances.
    4. To consider and decide matters of importance relating to the practise of tkd by member associations in the continent of Europe and to report to the ITF such matters as it considers desirable relating to the development of TKD in the continent of Europe.
    5. To consider what action to take against a member association for breach of instructions.
    6. Generally to ensure that member associations abide by the spirit of the art. of TKD as laid down by the ITF.

Article VII


  1. The federation snail appoint auditors and any other necessary professional advisors.
  2. The auditors shall be responsible for auditing the annual accounts of the federations and for preparing the bi-annual report to be placed before the ordinary officers.
  3. The officers specified in Article IV. (A) hereof may by resolution alter or amend the constitution by majority vote.

Article VIII


  1. The officers shall decide bi-annually what subsription and contributions are to be paid by member associations. The officers shall decide what action to take in the event of non payment.

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