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Center Referee Manual

Competitors enter the ring:
Ready: "JUNBI” Competitors bow to the Jury table:“KYONG-YE”
One finger up to indicate the first round: "IL HUE JONG” Competitors face each other: “CHARYOT” Move arm downwards and leg backwards: “SHI-JAK”
Competitors bow to each other: “KYONG-YE”
Stop during the bout: “HAECHYO”
Stop end of the bout : “GOMAN”
Ready: “JUNBI”
Continue: “GAESOK” moving hand upwards   Nothing happened
Time stop: “JUNG-JI” Do not speak

A time signal indicates the end of the first round. The Centre Referee calls for “GOMAN”. The competitors bow to each other and leave the square to meet their coaches.

After one (1) minute a time signal announces the continuing of the bout. The Centre Referee calls the competitors Hong – Chong to the centre ring. On command of the Centre referee they bow to each other and take position "JUNBI”. The Centre Referee announces “I HUE JONG” - 2nd round and calls for “SHI-JAK” pulling his arm downwards.

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