Newsletter Newsletter 1/2018 Taekwondix Course

Newsletter 1/2018
Taekwondix Course

It has been said that after two international and various national editions (in which foreign guests also participated) Andrzej Undro will not be able to surprise the instructors at the III International Taekwondix Seminar which took place on 2nd and 3rd of December 2017 at the training hall of “Spartan” Training Centre in Wroclaw, Poland.

They reacted to new games, toys and gadgets with amazement and a large dose of enthusiasm.

102 participants from 11 countries took part in the course, e.g. guests from England, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia, Moldavia, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary and Poland, of course. Everyone was prepared for good fun and open to new ideas. The special guest was master Tadeusz Łoboda, the President of AETF and the Vice-president of Polish Taekwondo Association, who officially opened the course and actively participated in it.

Master Andrzej began with introducing the guests to the idea on which the Taekwondix system is based, he informed the instructors that fun at the seminar was the foremost goal. He thanked everyone for coming, as the number of participants was unexpectedly larger, and also for their interest in developing teaching skills. He also added that all the ideas and activities they learn through the whole seminar can be used during their courses in the upcoming term.

Master Undro showed various ideas on how to make the training more attractive, e.g. obstacle courses with cardboard boxes, paintball, balance exercises, games that utilize trampolines, scooters, rubber bands, balls with digits printed on them, whistles, strings, plastic boxes, lightsabers, lasers or ball throwers.

The host also showed new games, card series and Taekwondix binders with an interesting modern look, because the training course based on this system does not develop just the body, but also the mind, as it can teach Taekwon-do both in practical and theoretical aspects.

All participants received a gift – a diploma, a binder and a magnetic board used for one of the games showed at the seminar. Andrzej Undro also prepared the special brochure with the product range in PDF format.

Instructors left the seminar with new ideas and inspiration in their heads.

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