Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 Report from Intercontinental Cup in Siberia
Newsletter 3/2015
Report from Intercontinental Cup in Siberia

The Hellenic delegation coming back 8th of September from Siberia and the town of Beloyarsky near the  town of Khanty-Mansiysk.

The Hellenic delegation with athletes Kotoumpas Leonidas 2 Dan, Karantoumis George 2 Dan, Ploumbidis Vasileios 1 Dan and leader of the del. Mst. Gialamas Panagiotis represented our country in Intercontinental Cup in distant Siberia. the  whole organization concerned the  Municipality of Beloyarsky with a Mayor "model to emulate" (Mr. Sergei Petrovits). the  Municipality Beloyarsky under the  responsibility of which the  Cup was held and the local Federation of Tekwon-do was in the presence of the All Russian Taekwon-Do Federation and President Mst. Lazos Tsilfidis (Member of the ITF Board).

The four countries in this Cup were Russia, Germany, Jamaica and Hellas. For countries, Germany responsible of the delegation was Mst. Paul Wailer Senior Vice President of the ITF and Jamaican responsible was Mst. Claude Chin and Mr. Jason McKay.

In terms of local authorities Beloyarsky and city Khanty-Mansiysk, except the  games participated in Beloyarksy City of events for the  anniversary of 70 years from the  end of the Second World War. the  missions also guided sightseeing of the two municipalities in fantastic journey experiences of participants was unprecedented. the  hospitality of the authorities and the citizens of Siberian cities did not forget that we are "inhospitable" Siberia but feel an immense warmth of these people who have Siberia and throughout Russia a modern state would do well some of our own politicians and sports agents to visit and get some examples of people writing and sports in general.

The missions were guided by representatives of the city Khanty-Mansiysk the  first station after Moscow. Feeling made us visit the  sports center Olympic-sized city Khanty-Mansiysk winter sports and Biathlon. Also tour around the  municipality and the aesthetics of Siberian cities. the  City of Beloyarksy, the  Municipal Athletic Organization, and also the  local Federation of Tekwon-do with President Mr. Mars Abykeev gave the ir best to the  organization of the championship and the hospitality of the member countries. Before the  start of the championship in the municipality of Beloyarksy held feast and awards from the  Mayor Sergei Petrovits to the  citizens of the municipality, but also people who have offered to develop the  site. Gifts also given by the  representatives of countries participating in the Intercontinental Cup to the  Mayor Mr. Sergei. Reception and luncheon to exchange views given by the  Mayor to representatives of countries with presence of sports leadership.

Before the  start of the tournament was a press conference in the presence of the Mayor of Beloyarsky Mr. Sergei and operators of missions showed athletes groups. Particular emphasis was placed on the long journey and Jamaica, about 60 hours.

The games were held under the  responsibility of the local Federation between countries Hellas - Russia, Germany - Jamaica, Hellas - Germany and Russia - Jamaica.

The Hellenic delegation was guided by President Mst. Lazos Tsilfidis in Moscow and the Orthodox churches with great style and sensitivity.

As Hellenic Federation would like to congratulate all the  organizers for this experience to all athletes and actors, as well as Hellenic athletes did the ir best throughout our presence in distant Siberia.

With athletic greetings
Mst. Panagiotis Gialamas
EOMT President

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