Newsletter Newsletter 1/2009 TAEKWONDIX – extraordinary board game!
Newsletter 1/2009
TAEKWONDIX – extraordinary board game!

Ladies and gentlemen!
Dear youth, children and all fans of Taekwon-Do or other martial arts, and everyone who loves board games! We are giving you the first in the world board game regarded to martial art.
It’s time for Taekwondix!

The inventor of this game is Mr. Andrzej Undro - 4th Degree, President and main instructor of Wroclawska Akademia Taekwon-Do. He has raised many great competitors – Polish, European and World Champions. He is a University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw graduate. Taekwondix was created with the cooperation with Adam Hrehorowicz, 2nd Degree, from “Prink” company – computer graphics, Robert Borowiec, 2nd Degree. Drawings, pawns and counters were produced by polish company Octopus.

Work on this game lasted over 2 years. The 28 years of experience in Taekwon-Do had a great influence on its invention. This is the first game, which represents Taekwon-Do ITF – the Korean Martial Art subject. It is dedicated to competitors, coaches, fans of martial arts and board games.

For the first time it was presented during the seminar with Master Ung Kim Lan on 14th -15th November 2008, during the black belt test on 13th -14th December 2008, then during the comradely lesson 10th – 11th January 2009. Now it is high time to cross the borders of Poland.

This game is for teenagers, as well as adults, because it teaches, entertains and raises. Unlike the computer games, this one requires face to face meeting and competing from players. Substantive issues do not limit introduction of new, easier or more difficult rules. Intentionally, it gives the possibility of new solutions, which may be introduced into the game by its participants, which develop creativity among players. It brings the atmosphere of continuous search for the best way leading to desired victory.

Its author dreams about Polish, European or maybe even World Championships in Taekwondix!

I wish to all of you many wonderful and unforgettable moments, and a lot of fun with your families and friends during playing Taekwondix.

Yours sincerely,
Andrzej Undro
Author of the game

TAEKWONDIX – it consists of four board games for Taekwon-Do practitioners and fans of board games, at every age between 6 and 150 years old. Each set is independent and has got different level of difficulty; depending on the age and level of advancement of players. Each set gives the possibility of introduction simpler or more complicated rules, without decreasing game’s attractiveness.These are:

Clubs or people interested in buying TAEKWONDIX should contact directly Mr. Andrzej Undro:


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