Newsletter Newsletter 1/2013 Central TKD Winter Camp in Poland
Newsletter 1/2013
Central TKD Winter Camp in Poland

Another Central Taekwon-Do Winter Camp took place between 11th and 17th of February 2013 in Szczyrk, Poland.

74 participants including Master Tadeusz Łoboda 7th Degree, Master Jerzy Jedut 7th Degree, Jarosław Suska 6th Degree, Joanna Lipa – 4th Degree and for two days Rafał Poleszak 6th Degree, instructor of RKS Feniks-Arete Rybnik as well as six children up to 3 years old, came to „Adam” resort.

Participants represented 13 Taekwon-Do clubs from England, Slovakia and Poland. There were people from: 1. Centrum Taekwon-Do ITF Wrocław, 2. WSKT Wrocław, 3. SSKT Garda Warszawa, 4. MKST Bystrzyca Kłodzka, 5. KTT Łódź, 6. MKS Lewart Lubartów AGS, 7. LKST Lublin, 8. WITKD Kwan Warszawa, 9. RSCT Radzyń Podlaski, 10. MKS ŻAK Biała Podlaska, 11. RKS Feniks-Arete Rybnik, 12. Vision Taekwon-Do from England, 13. SK Taekwon-Do Ge-Baek Presov.

This time the organizers were supported by the participation of Mr. Luke Thomson - 5th Degree from Vision TKD England and Lena Palascakova – 3rd Degree and Ms. Veronika Balazova – 2nd Degree from Gebeak Presov, Slovakia.

Every day in the morning the camp members traditionally could choose between a Taekwon-Do training session in a school situated within a 2,5 km walking distance from “Adam” resort and skiing or snowboarding. The ski group was divided into three sections depending on advance level of ski skills: beginners, average and great skiers.

Over two days the beginners were supervised by skiing instructors. It was enough for them to run from the mountain by themselves without falling down.

In the afternoon the participants had at their disposal trainings in the groups divided depending of age and Taekwon-Do skills. Mr. Suska leaded the youngers group whereas Master Jedut conducted the classes for advanced competitors who mainly were practicing dodge or avoid shift movements against opponents attack.

In the evening the individual consultations took place where all participants could practice their base techniques. The opportunity was used eagerly by older students, but also by the younger adepts. Additionally, in the free time participants could use small gym placed in the hotel, play table tennis or starting from 4:00 pm every day in a hotel cafe they could watch on a big screen latest cinema hits like e.g. “Avatar”. This was mostly used by the youngest participants. Adults could additionally watch seminars with Gen. Choi Hong Hi, championships or other footage about Taekwon-do on a projector which was brought to the camp by Master Jedut.

All rooms were equipped with TV set as well as wireless Internet and nobody could complain about a boredom.

“Adam” resort is located in the middle of the town Szczyrk. Therefore the sightseeing possibilities were very convenient. On Friday during one of the walks close to the local ski jump the participants could observe a training session of the Polish National Ski Jumpers Team, including the most titled Kamil Stoch.

During the whole week the weather was fantastic so over the half of the participants enjoyed it and took part in ski classes overcoming higher and higher declivities while improving skiing skills.

Everyone agreed that the camp had elapsed to fast and they will for sure appear at the next, this time Central Summer Taekwon-Do Camp between 5 and 14th of July 2013 in Biała Podlaska.

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