Newsletter Newsletter 1/2011 Winter Camp in Szczyrk
Newsletter 1/2011
Winter Camp in Szczyrk

Taekwon-Do Fans in Szczyrk

AETF reporter
Katarzyna Rozwadowska

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The next successful edition of the Central Winter Taekwon-Do Camp was held in Szczyrk, Poland in the term 22-28 January 2011 at the initiative of two leading Polish clubs LSKT Lublin and MKS Lewart Lubartow.

61 Taekwon-Do enthusiasts from 8 Polish clubs: Feniks Arete Rybnik, Garda Warszawa, Mokotow Warszawa, SKST Szczecin, WKT Warszawa, ZAK Biala Podlaska, LSKT Lublin, MKS Lewart Lubartow and Docklands Taekwon-Do School from England, Kingdom School of Taekwon-Do from Ireland came to a beautiful town called Szczyrk situated in southern Poland in the Beskid Slaski mountains. The town is a popular winter sports centre and the main training centre for Polish Winter Olympic athletes. The training sessions were conducted by two well known coaches from MKS Lewart Lubartow. Master Jerzy Jedut (VII Degree) – Technical Director and Vice-President of Polish Taekwon-Do Association, former Polish National Team Coach, Chief Instructor of MKS Lewart Lubartow, teacher of many World and European champions. Mr Jaroslaw Suska (VI Degree) – four times World Champion IV-VI Degree patterns and seventeenth-time European Champion in patterns, the best Polish and European technique practitioner, Instructor of MKS Lewart Lubartow.

The organisational matters belonged to Master Tadeusz Loboda (VII Degree) – President of All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation and Polish Taekwon-Do Association, Chief Instructor of LSKT Lublin. He received help from two tutors: Mr Mariusz Cieslik (III Degree) and Miss Anna Siwinska (III Degree) from his club. Participants were divided into two groups – beginners/children (colour belts) conducted by Mr Suska and advanced (blue to black belts) - by Master Jedut. There were four 1,5 hour training sessions a day (2 sessions per group). The main issues at the two morning sessions (for both groups) with Master Jedut and afternoon class with Mr Suska were to improve Taekwon-Do techniques, stretching exercises, exercises improving and strengthening physical condition. All of them were interlaced with theory, ‘Do’, ethical issues, and fun and relaxing exercises as well. The afternoon class with Master Jedut was devoted in particular to free sparring drills.

Lower... lower...
Perfecting sparring drills
No gravity for green belts
Lazy Flying Kick

Master Jedut and Mr Suska were available as well at evening individual consultations for everyone who wanted to improve their patterns or particular movements and techniques. They spent many hours teaching and correcting people who were never fed up with Taekwon-Do. Eager for every piece of knowledge of Taekwon-Do, after every supper campers stayed in a long line. It wasn’t only idle waiting. People were actively listening and observing Master Jedut and Mr Suska correcting other students or they were practicing some techniques and pattern movements with friends who were higher degrees and had more experience in Taekwon-Do. Hundreds of repetitions of the same movement didn’t discourage the persevering and aware TKD practitioners of their imperfections. On the contrary, it was rather a mobilization and every little progress galvanized them into further work. ‘The happy people and people in love do not measure the time’ (Polish proverb) – just like Master Jedut who always has to leave our camp dojang last. Also at his classes people always knew what time training session started… but they never knew what time it would finish. Well, everyone who knows Master Jedut knows that he is really in love with Taekwon-Do from over thirty years and he is ‘crazy about his lover’.

Besides the practical part of the camp, the participants also had the opportunity to watch videos from the most important Taekwon-Do competitions (European and World Championships, World Cups) and seminars with Gen. Choi Hong Hi.

Taekwon-Do Founder always with us

I have to mentioned, that there was not only Taekwon-Do practiced in Szczyrk. Before the afternoon people had a choice: Taekwon-Do class or skiing and snowboarding. The skiing group was divided into two divisions. There weren’t colour belts in force… but instead colour of slops. It is pretty interesting that the colour of routes at slopes are marked quite similar to Taekwon-Do belts. So, the green and blue routs were designated for beginners, red tracks for more advanced and black routes (dangerous sometimes) for the best skiers and snowboarders! Beginners went with Master Loboda and more advanced in winter sports with Mr Suska. People, who chose Taekwon-Do class in the morning, also had some ‘skiing attractions’ on their way from the hotel to the training hall. They had a chance to watch ski jumpers at their training! This year (and the previous one) campers were living in the ‘Adam’ hotel, situated in the centre of Szczyrk and around 15 minutes walk from the training hall (sports hall of primary school in Szczyrk). The ‘Adam’ is a lovely guesthouse and a physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre, set with a big and bright canteen-restaurant, a lovely cafe, a sports hall, a medical surgery and a room for physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions. The participants were accommodated in cosy single or double rooms equipped with tv, radio and bathroom. The food was lovely and no one went hungry throughout the Camp. For people who wanted to try some specialties of South Poland there were lots of restaurants and inns in Szczyrk.

Looks good, tastes even better

The only minus (or a plus) was a lack of access to the internet. There was one computer with internet access in the café… but there wasn’t a queue at all. Between trainings classes, skiing and meals there wasn’t much time for ‘online surfing’. People preferred to spend their free time for conversations with friends and making new friendships or playing table tennis, basketball and volleyball or else watching some interesting and famous films. On the last day of camp students from LSKT Lublin and MKS Lewart Lubartow built together a beautiful snowmen which was a great model at the photography session. Actually… a very short photo session because of the cold!

Lublin and MKS Lewart Lubartow with the new friend ‘Snowman Toudi’

The camp traditionally ended with an exam. This year it was a big day for three willing students. After a very hard grading, which was observed by other campers, two of them were promoted by Master Jerzy Jedut and Mr Jaroslaw Suska.

Succesful grading for 5th cup

The final impression of the Winter Taekwon-Do Camp in Poland was very positive. It was really successful and well worth attending the training camp. I would like to congratulate and thank Master Tadeusz Loboda, Master Jerzy Jedut and Mr Jaroslaw Suska for giving a great opportunity to meet other Taekwon-Do fans at one place and sharing their knowledge, experience and passion with their Taekwon-Do friends.

More photos on soon.

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